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IT security and infrastructures

Reference Report Kathrein Sachsen GmbH: email management, exchange & SOPHOS Firewall

The challenge

With the increasing complexity of the operational processes, the demands on the company's own email system also grew. Since the previously used system offered only limited possibilities and comfort, it was decided to replace it with a modern one, which could meet the requirements of the enterprise regarding appointment, contact and email administration much better.

At the same time, a uniform licensing of the office landscape and an improvement of the IT network security were to be achieved. External access to the company-wide IT network - previously not possible - was also to be made possible.

Before starting the project, a profile was created to record the company's requirements. In addition to licensing issues, these primarily related to the aspects of improved handling of emails and groupware functionalities as well as IT network security. The requirements for the functionalities of groupware solutions referred, for example, to the possibility of centrally managing meeting rooms and the company's own pool vehicles. In addition to the management of contacts, it should also be possible to invite employees, customers or suppliers to appointments. Secure and easy access to emails and the company's own IT network should be possible from outside the company.

Implementation of the IT project

In accordance with the requirements profile, a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and an Astaro firewall were used for the technical implementation. This solution now enables the use of the desired groupware functionalities.
The departure from the previous concept of external storage of emails also gave the company new independence from the provider. The company's network was secured by an Astaro firewall. This ensured that potential misuse of email for spam, viruses and privacy violations would not interfere with the company's daily business operations. Desired messages are delivered properly. Malicious content is rejected. External access is now also secure and easy.

The result

Contact, appointment and email management is handled independently of the provider and more efficiently. In addition, the necessary IT security (IT network security) was improved by an Astaro firewall and the existing software landscape was cleaned up and adjusted with regard to the office licenses used.

Microsoft Exchange Server, SOPHOS Firewall and connection of external offices

To close security gaps, Exchange Server 2010, which has been discontinued by Microsoft, was replaced by Exchange Server 2016. Furthermore, the Astaro firewall was deactivated and replaced by the SOPHOS SG firewall. In addition, a SOPHOS RED (Remote Ethernet Device) was put into operation for the secure network connection of the Chemnitz branch office.

This is what our customer says
"As a company, we had reached the point where it became necessary for us to think about improving the processes around our mail traffic and the management of contacts and appointments - in other words, what is considered groupware. The introduction of an Exchange 2010 solution together with SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH now opens up possibilities for us in the management of contacts, appointments and e-mails that were not possible before. Above all, however, this modernization step has brought our functionalities in line with the requirements of the company, so we are prepared for the demands of the coming years."
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About the client

KATHREIN Sachsen GmbH is a leading company in the development and production of electronic components, assemblies and devices for high-frequency technology. At the Burgstädt location in Saxony, the company can already look back on a history of more than 65 years. The company was founded a few months after the end of the Second World War as the F.G. Häberle company and was initially involved in the manufacture and repair of radio sets, electric stoves and hotplates. The occupation with radio and television technology later came more and more to the foreground and established the reputation of the company as an innovative manufacturer of frequency converters and signal amplifiers with its own development, project planning and installation department. After reunification, the company was reprivatized and in 1990, together with the KATHREIN Werke from Rosenheim, founded KATHREIN Burgstädt GmbH, which today operates under the name KATHREIN Sachsen. The last milestone was the successful entry into the development of RFID readers in 2006.

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