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IT security and infrastructures
DRK Annaberg-Buchholz e.V.

Reference report DRK Annaberg-Buchholz: Storage virtualization with Hyper-V, Backup and Recovery with VEEAM

The challenge

In order to be able to continue to work as efficiently in the future and to be prepared for the IT requirements of the next few years, the DRK Kreisverband was looking for a simple and cost-efficient IT solution to replace its old systems. Two variants for modernization were considered: The first option would have been a classic server replacement, while the second would have been a virtualization. SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH came to the company‘s attention and attended an event on the subject of virtualization and Hyper-V.

After detailed plan workshop: Decision for SIGMA Chemnitz as IT project partner

After an analysis of the current situation, a detailed planning workshop was held together with SIGMA, in order to precisely define the goals of the DRK Kreisverband and to work out and offer the optimal solution. In this context, the decision was made in favor of the virtualization solution and commissioned SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH with the implementation.

Realization of the IT project

Fujitsu Primergy TX 200 S7 server is used as the basis for all virtual machines. The Hyper-V solution from Microsoft is used as the virtualization platform. The VEEAM solution for Hyper-V is used for backup and recovery. This makes it possible to restore the backed-up virtual machines even in the event of a failure of the only productive server by procuring replacements or accessing older servers. As a further Fujitsu server is to be acquired in the next step, the replication between the servers will also be possible.

Furthermore, a domain and exchange migration as well as the introduction of the current Microsoft Terminal Server for the two branch offices of the DRK Kreisverband was implemented. As a new antivirus solution, ESET Endpoint Antivirus was deployed.

Since all critical points had already been cleared up in the detailed planning workshop, the implementation of the IT project went off smoothly and according to plan.

This is what our customers say...
"We chose SIGMA because we were looking for a competent partner from the region and we found a company here that could advise us comprehensively and work with us to select the right solution. We have achieved our goal 100%. SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH has proven to be a competent partner for our IT challenges. We can also imagine a further cooperation in other IT areas."
About the client

The Red Cross is part of a worldwide community of people in the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which provides indiscriminate assistance to victims of conflicts and disasters and to other people in need. Under the sign of humanity, the DRK is committed to life, health, wellbeing, protection, peaceful coexistence and dignity of all people. The district association AnnabergBuchholz operates in the rescue services and rescue stations in the region, secures events, operates meeting places, outpatient care and a home emergency call and makes an important contribution to the welfare of all people in need with these activities.

DRK Annaberg-Buchholz e.V.
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