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IT security & infrastructures
Dr. Quendt KG

Reference report Dr. Quendt: Data backup concept and new high availability solution

The existing hardware was no longer able to handle the increased demands of modern  operations. A native backup solution was available for the heterogeneous environment. 
This had led to the backup process being made considerably more difficult and even a necessary restore could have led to problems. Also, individual devices were out of warranty, which would have led to expensive replacement parts in the event of a failure. 

Above all, however, the migration of the existing ERP software was planned, which would not have been possible with the outdated systems.

Extensive data backup concept

The decision was now to invest in an additional ERP server or to take the opportunity to modernize the company‘s IT. The decision was made together with SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH to create a comprehensive concept to optimally align the company‘s IT with the needs of the coming years. 

Umsetzung des IT Projekts

An availability and backup concept with three PRIMERGY RX200 S7 servers was implemented, which supports an ETERNUS DX90 S2 storage as central data storage. All existing and new servers run as virtual machines.

In the first server room, two RX200 S7 servers with Fibre Channel were connected to the DX90 S2 storage. The third server was connected to the storage in the second server room with iSCSI, safeguarding the the first server room if it fails. For this purpose, the virtual machines are backed up using the VEEAM backup software on a backup server in the second server room.

With this solution, a higher availability and a suitable backup and recovery strategy could be achieved. The project was completed within the available budget, as well as in the planned time frame of only two months.



This is what our customers say...
„Choosing SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH as a partner was definitely the right decision. The professional advice at the beginning already helped us a lot to find the best solution for us. In addition, the combination of consulting and workshop phase at the beginning of the project led to a significant risk minimization in the project. Everything went exactly as we had imagined.“
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About the client

The Dr. Quendt KG is a well known company with a long tradition in Dresden, its history goes back to the year 1876.  Today there are about 100 employees, who produce more than over 50 different baking specialties. The best known of these are the popular Russian bread, Dinkelchen, Bemmchen and the real Dresdner Christstollen.

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Dr. Quendt KG
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