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Introduction to Infor LN

Industry-specific requirements solved with Infor LN

"Over the years, the business processes had reached such a high degree of complexity that efficient support by the previous XPPS software was no longer possible," says the user's IT manager.

The company was looking for a software solution that would still function smoothly after ten years and would be able to map the entire process chain integratively down to the last detail. Improved project management and more efficient capacity planning are expected from this new solution in order to shorten development times and save costs.

So the decision was made to create a homogeneous platform with SSA ® Baan ERP V.

The user's previous experience with this product and the commitment shown by SIGMA finally convinced the company to switch to the latest ERP version Infor LN at the beginning of 2005. This resulted in improved software ergonomics, a web-based user interface and an extended range of functions for a product that was just at the beginning of its life cycle.

The user-specific adjustments, which were already implemented in Baan ERP 5, should be integrated. A special takeover plan and an extensive comparison of the software products defined the necessary adjustments and changes.

The user had already decided to use the module "Project-( tp )" in the old version, which is used to map many project-related tasks and activities. Thus, planning and disposition tasks ( integration with MS-Project ) as well as commercial and calculatory work with the very complex business processes could be checked and adjusted. The task also included a data transfer concept, the program technical realization of which was carried out by SIGMA. Not only master data, but also transaction data such as open orders, purchase orders, production orders and stock levels were transferred.

Since January 2006, Infor LN is the new leading system. "Today we can map all requirements for traceability and product labeling," reports the user's IT manager. In the current optimization phase, SIGMA has been commissioned to introduce the integrated controlling module with the relevant key users. "The chosen strategy of immediately migrating to Infor LN and using the standards that are present in the new version has paid off. The software solution fully covers our requirements for an integrated business solution," summarizes the user's CEO.

Conclusion: By using Infor LN, the user has been able to achieve strategic advantages with modern and flexible solutions in order to further expand its market position.

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