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IT security & infrastructures

Contract announcement Sponeta: Eternus storage cluster with transparent failover

As part of the renewal of its IT infrastructure, the sporting goods manufacturer decided for two central Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems with SSD and SAS storage. The SSD storage in combination with the auto tiering function brought a speed boost to the existing applications. The Fujitsu Eternus storage cluster (ACTIVE-ACTIVE mirroring of the systems) enables load distribution across two Eternus storage systems in physically separate server rooms. In addition, one VMware host is used per server room, which provides all virtual machines in case of an emergency.

If a server room fails due to an emergency (fire, water, theft, etc.) or if a room is not available due to a planned measure (update, conversion), it is possible to switch to the second server room in a timely manner. This reduces the probability of failure of the company's important applications and data to an acceptable level.

FUJITSU Server und ETERNUS storage systems in use

  • Storage: 2 x Fujitsu ETERNUS storage DX100S3
  • storage mirroring: Fujitsu ETERNUS storage cluster
  • Other storage functions:
    • automated tiering with    ETERNUS SF SC optimization
    • ETERNUS SF SC standard
  • Server: 2 Fujitsu Server Primergy RX2540M2
  • Virtualization: VMware
This is what our customers say...
"During the renewal of our IT landscape, we worked with our service provider SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH, we designed and implemented a high-availability solution with transparent failover. In the end, the good price/performance relation convinced us in our plan to minimize the risk of a total failure of our IT landscape."
About the client

After the foundation of the company in 1953, the name Sponeta quickly developed into one of the best-known sporting equipment brands in the GDR. In the following decades, the company supplied high-quality table tennis equipment, nets and plastic-coated lines all over the world. Today, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of table tennis tables in the world and delivers its quality products to more than 90 countries. In addition, the company has also established itself as a manufacturer of school and object furnishings.

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Bild: Sponeta GmbH

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