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IT security and infrastructures
Sparkasse Chemnitz

Contract announcement Sparkasse Chemnitz: Rollout of 600 modern Fujitsu monitors

Investment in new  Fujitsu monitors

A large number of the monitors previously used by Sparkasse Chemnitz no longer met the resolution and display requirements of the software solutions used.

In order to offer their employees better working conditions at their computer workstations, Sparkasse Chemnitz decided to replace the outdated monitors with modern and powerful Fujitsu monitors.

Monitor  roll-out also at   branches

By replacing the monitors, Sparkasse Chemnitz is also investing in its branches, so that they can continue to offer good advice and comprehensive service on site.

This is what the customer says
"With the rollout of the new monitors, we have taken an important step towards modernizing our IT landscape, thereby creating better working conditions for our employees at their computer workstations."
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