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IT security and infrastructures
INTEGRA Weißenfelser Land gGmbH

Contract announcement INTEGRA: Modern ETERNUS Storage System

In the course of replacing old IT infrastructures, INTEGRA Weißenfelser Land gGmbH decided in favor of SIGMA Chemnitz as its IT service provider on the basis of the extensive consultation that had preceded the project. The main focus was on the increasing need for storage.

Renewal of IT infrastructure as an opportunity for new storage system

SIGMA Systemhaus Chemnitz was commissioned to purchase a Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX100 S3 system, which will be used by INTEGRA in the future.

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX disk storage systems are the most reliable and secure data safes and provide small and medium-sized companies with fast access to data that is protected from external interference.

About the client

The INTEGRA Weißenfelser Land gGmbH is a free and recognized carrier of the disabled and youth welfare and has been committed to the rights of disabled people and their equal treatment in society in its work since 1991. This includes many integrative offers to enable the children and adults to live as self-determined and independent as possible.

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INTEGRA Weißenfelser Land gGmbH
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