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IT security & infrastructures
Friweika eG

Contract announcement Friweika eG: HUAWEI server and storage systems as a highly available, scalable solution

As a replacement for the existing IT infrastructure, Friweika eG was looking for a high-performance, highly available and at the same time scalable solution for the storage of all business-critical data and the operation of its virtual servers on newly procured IT systems, which were to be installed redundantly in two different fire zones at the company location.

Decision for HUAWEI server and storage systems

Due to the convincing price-performance relation, paired with high quality, Friweika eG decided to realize the designed high-availability SAN infrastructure with HUAWEI servers (rack servers) and a HUAWEI storage system.
VMware vSphere HA (High Availability) protects the virtual machines against the failure of one of the two host computers.

This is what our customer says...
"We are pleased to offer HUAWEI products as a secure and future-oriented solution and that SIGMA is a competent partner."
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Picture: Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH

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