Software / ERP / MES

Integration of third party systems

We develop solutions for you that take over the data exchange between your ERP system and different third-party applications.

Development of web services

They are responsible for data exchange and process integration in real-time. At the same time, they take over predefined tasks of business logic. In addition to the configuration of a large number of existing standardized web services for the connection of various systems, we take over the individual integration and connection of your software to the ERP system.

Integration of applications via ION middleware

Infors innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION) can easily link software applications from Infor and other vendors. We help you integrate a wide range of systems to connect and monitor business processes between software, machines, and employees in a single, unified architecture.

The integration of your operating software environment into the world of RFID is achieved by the intelligent AutoID / RFID middleware GRAIDWARE®. We help you to network and connect different systems. In this way you can achieve an unimpeded information exchange in real-time between RFID applications and your business software.