IT infrastructures

Wireless network coverage survey

Do you need interference-free WLAN in your buildings and company areas?

No matter whether in schools as part of the implementation of the Digital Pact for Schools or in production halls and office buildings - we plan, simulate and test the optimal WLAN coverage for you and tell you where and how the optimal placement with access points should be done.

Why wireless network coverage survey?

  • Optimal coverage with WLAN, in the areas where it is necessary.
  • For example, in production or in the warehouse, when using mobile solutions such as, for example, a mobile operating data acquisition (BDE) or a mobile picking solution
  • For example in commercial departments for laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • By analyzing the WLAN coverage, you only need to purchase the hardware that is necessary.

This is how we work ...

  • A hall layout of the customer with indication of the areas to be cobverage serves as a basis
  • We test the optimum effect with mobile technology at your location and calculate the necessary coverage and radio frequency. This defines all important web acess points. This is done regardless of your existing network and regardless of your ongoing work.
  • We carry out an analysis with the collected data and create a WLAN concept with statements on the necessary network technology, recommended locations for the access points, etc.
  • As a rule, two hours of service are required per access point (preparation, measurement)
  • For the analysis of the raw data and the creation of a WLAN concept, we generally need eight hours (up to 10 access points)