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Microsoft 365 migration packages

We have a suitable migration package for every company for Microsoft 365 migration. As an IT service provider with over 30 years of experience in IT projects, we will advise you according to your needs and recommend the right Microsoft 365 migration package for you.

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What Microsoft 365 migration packages does SIGMA offer?

Based on our experience from dozens of IT migration projects, we have developed four different packages for Microsoft 365 migration. These offer modular services for the Microsoft 365 migration project phases of preparation, implementation and completion.

Would you like support in preparing for the Microsoft 365 migration?

If you only want support during the preparatory phase of a Microsoft 365 migration, we recommend our Bronze package. This includes the following services

  • Inventory
  • Recommendations for action
  •     Compatibility check
  • Resource planning
  •     Creation of a migration concept
  •     Hardware and licence procurement


We work with you to gain an overview of the status quo of your IT infrastructure and document it. We focus on the number of users and software licences (including how up-to-date they are), expose your Exchange server and identify all existing email inboxes, distribution lists and public folders. We also determine the necessary file shares and SharePoint content. We also take stock of the applications and services in use that are stored on local servers or in cloud storage and check their compatibility with Microsoft 365. Documentation of your network topology and security settings are also part of our inventory. When classifying your data, we categorise it according to its sensitivity with your help and take into account the compliance requirements that apply in your company. Together with you, we decide which migration tools and methods can be used and decide on the optimum time for the migration in order to avoid or at least minimise downtime.

Recommendations for action

Based on the results of the inventory of your IT systems, we draw up appropriate recommendations for action in relation to the planned Microsoft 365 migration. These relate to things such as prioritisation, planning, licence management and user authorisations, Exchange migration, file sharing of documents stored in Sharepoint and in the cloud, applications and services, security and compliance, migration testing and user training as well as communication and change management.

Compatibility check

As part of a compatibility check, we determine the extent to which your data and content can be transferred smoothly to the new environment as part of the Microsoft 365 migration and function properly there. The Microsoft 365 App Sharepoint offers a migration manager in its Admin Centre for this purpose. In order to scale your Microsoft 365 migration project, several servers can be set up as agents. It is also possible to define global or task-related settings and download reports.

Resource scheduling

Resource planning undertaken in advance serves to ensure that you have the resources required for a Microsoft 365 migration. This involves checking the availability and suitability of existing applications, services, hardware, network resources as well as time and personnel resources. Detailed documentation and the definition of migration dates are also part of this planning. Finally, the availability of backups must be ensured within the process planning and the scenario of a disaster recovery must be discussed.

Creation of a migration concept

Based on the findings of the inventory, we create a customised migration concept according to your specifications, which includes objectives and scope, resource planning, data analysis and cleansing, security and compliance as well as test migration and training.

Hardware and licence procurement

In order to guarantee a functional IT system once the Microsoft 365 migration is complete, we take care of procuring all the necessary hardware components and software licences.

Support with the implementation of a Microsoft 365 migration

If you have already carried out all the preparatory measures independently and only need the support of an expert for the process of implementing the Microsoft 365 migration, our silver package is the right one for you. This includes the following points:

  •     Project planning
  •     Commissioning and configuration of physical or virtual servers
  •     Installation of the target system
  •     Exemplary data transfer
  •     Complete data transfer according to your specifications
  •     Removal of the replaced Exchange server
  •     Function test after successful Microsoft 365 migration

Project planning

To ensure that the Microsoft 365 migration runs smoothly later on, we work with you to plan all the necessary steps of a Microsoft 365 migration. Starting with the definition of objectives and scope of migration, through resource planning, analysing and cleansing data, to aspects of security and compliance as well as migration testing and user training.

Commissioning and configuration of physical or virtual servers

To ensure the reliable functioning of your IT infrastructure during a Microsoft 365 migration, the commissioning and configuration of physical or virtual servers should be carried out with the utmost care. As experts for IT migrations of all kinds, we support you with the procurement and installation of operating systems, drivers and updates when using physical servers and take care of the correct network configuration and security settings. We also set up the required roles and functions and install monitoring tools and logging.

If you decide in favour of virtual servers, we take care of the hypervisor installation and create virtual machines (VM). Resource allocation, operating system installation on the VM, network configuration and security settings as well as monitoring VM performance and scaling are also part of our silver package.

For Microsoft 365 integration, we also offer Azure AD Connect, the configuration of Exchange mailboxes and services, the setup of SharePoint websites and OneDrive storage as well as the integration of Microsoft Teams and other services.

Installation of the target system

The installation of the target system should be carefully considered. Based on our expertise, we ensure that your IT system is optimally prepared for the use of Microsoft 365. These measures include setting up the migration manager to migrate the local file shares to Microsoft 365, setting up the migration manager agent, creating tasks and monitoring the project, including reporting. We also carry out Microsoft 365 licensing for all users, including assignment, install the Microsoft 365 apps you need and uninstall Office systems that are no longer required.

Exemplary data transfer

Before the actual Microsoft 365 migration, we carry out a test transfer of your data stored locally or in a cloud to the Microsoft 365 environment. The knowledge gained from this helps us to recognise and avoid potential stumbling blocks and pitfalls later on when carrying out the Microsoft 365 migration.

Complete data transfer according to your specifications

Once we have installed the target system, we carry out the data transfer of your files stored on local systems or in the cloud according to your requirements and specifications.

Removal of the replaced Exchange Server

Once the Microsoft 365 migration is complete, we will remove the Microsoft Exchange Server you were previously using from your IT system cleanly and completely.

Function test after successful Microsoft 365 migration

The installed Microsoft 365 system is subjected to extensive testing by our experts. This allows us to ensure that Microsoft 365 and all its apps and functions run smoothly. If necessary, customisation requests can be made at this point in good time.

Comprehensive range of services for Microsoft 365 migration

With our Gold package, we offer you a comprehensive service package for your Microsoft 365 migration. After an inventory has been carried out independently or by another service provider, we take over the complete preparation, implementation and completion of your Microsoft 365 migration project, including functional testing and admin training, starting with the compatibility check and resource check.

Microsoft 365 migration as a full service

You don't want to worry about anything and are looking for an all-round carefree package? Then SIGMA's Diamant package is just right for you. We take care of everything for you - from preparation and implementation through to the introduction of the administrator and documentation at the end of the project.

Our Microsoft 365 migration packages at a glance