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Questions you should consider before the implementation of Microsoft 365

Put your company to the test before you start the implementation and therefore the Microsoft 365 migration!

You should not only consider your company itself, but also internal company processes, priorities and the software currently in use.

You should consider these questions before facing the implementation of Microsoft 365

Microsoft tools receive constant updates and are more future-proof than old programmes 

Standard programs like   Excel, Word und Outlook are part of the daily work. They should be migrated as a matter of priority. 

Microsoft's wide range of tools are often underestimated or unknown, despite their helpful options. 

Departments such as accounting or secretarial services are particularly dependent on functioning spreadsheets in Excel. 

Department-specific requirements should be dealt with in a coherent manner so that you are not overwhelmed by constantly changing special features.

Particularly important files and API files with special scripts should be backed up as a precaution and checked for functionality after the migration.