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With increasing digitalization, there is a growing demand for integrated security solutions to effectively protect against data loss and threats. We are here to help you with our partners and experience.

Our portfolio includes a variety of IT security solutions. These include antivirus software, encryption, IT security analysis, firewall, email protection, mobile control and sandboxing.

Furthermore we offer you consulting on IT security as well as services like the implementation of an IT vulnerability analysis.

What we offer you


As an ESET Gold Partner, we always offer you the right solution with antivirus software, smartphone connectivity, encryption or 2-factor connectivity to protect against unwanted attacks on your IT system such as malware, cyber attacks, etc.
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IT Security Analysis

In order to successfully defend against cyber attacks, every company should operate a vulnerability management system.

The IT of a company is in constant change. Applications come from the cloud, employees want to work on the move or in the home office, and much more. The data is therefore distributed and not always in the direct company network. This is just one example of how the world of work and thus IT has changed.

The ultimate goal is to protect personal or secret information. And this is exactly where we come in, among others with our partner DigiFors from Leipzig. It's all about identifying weak points and, in the best case, regularly.

Below is a small excerpt from our service portfolio:

  • weak point analysis and risk analysis
  • penetration test
  • social Engineering Awareness ( also your employees are a possible target )
  • analysis after attacks and threats ( hacker attacks )
  • training and awareness raising measures
  • service contract with ongoing vulnerability management

Don't hesitate and make an appointment to discuss the possibilities that are individually tailored to your circumstances.


The Sophos Firewall solution gives you unparalleled deployment flexibility. You can choose from four different options: Hardware, software, virtual or cloud - with simple options for high availability, clustering, remote office connectivity, WLAN, centralized management and reporting.

Sophos Firewall's intuitive interface helps you quickly protect your network and users. It makes day-to-day administration a breeze.

Sophos Firewall offers not only the latest next-generation firewall security, but also features you won't find in other vendors, including mobile, web and endpoint security, email encryption and DLP. No additional hardware, no additional costs. You decide which functions you want to provide.

Special Deal for SOPHOS products until 30.06.2021:

At SIGMA Systemhaus Chemnitz you get up to 100% discount on hardware when purchasing a new SOPHOS firewall solution. The promotion applies to new customers as well as to SOPHOS firewall users.
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REDDOXX Email Protection

REDDOXX is a complete email protection solution, consisting of the components email archiving, spam and virus protection, digital signature and email encryption for any size of company.

Make your company legally compliant, efficient and future-proof with the email management solution by REDDOXX.

Email archiving ( MailDepot )

  • automatic and legally compliant email archiving
  • audit-proof and tamper-proof storage of all emails
  • easy handling

Spam protection and virus protection ( Spamfinder )

  • 100% spam-free through patented CISS proces
  • proactive virus protection
  • absolute security and control over filtered emails

Digital Signature & Email Encryption ( MailSealer )

  • supports internationally established encryption standards
  • archiving encrypted emails and decrypted emails
  • iInstant protected transmission of confidential content
Fujitsu PalmSecure

PalmSecure ™ is a biometric authentication system that identifies users by vein pattern recognition. Since the veins are located inside the body and have a variety of distinguishing features, the technology offers the highest level of security. A Software Development Kit ( SDK ) is available for the use of PalmSecure in your own device, hardware or software development.

Learn more about the PalmSecure technology and the corresponding Software Development Kit ( SDK ) for your developments.

SOPHOS Mobile Control

The business use of smartphones has become standard in everyday business life. A necessary consequence for IT managers is mobile device management along with an increase in IT security - after all, smartphones contain sensitive data such as emails, contacts, files, etc. SOPHOS Mobile Control offers a secure and reliable solution for securing mobile devices in business use.


A sandbox is a reliable way to detect sophisticated malware. Suspicious files are executed in an isolated system environment. The behavior of the programs is analyzed in the secured environment and thus files with malicious behavior can be detected. Learn more about sandboxing here.

Our services around your IT infrastructure

Do you need consulting on how to make your IT secure and future-proof? With our long-time know-how we offer you not only our IT products, but also the corresponding IT services, IT consulting and IT solution concepts. When it comes to Windows migration, a backup strategy or IT support, you have found a reliable and competent partner in us.