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Embedded Linux Toolchain

ELiTo - Embedded Linux Toolchain

The Embedded Linux Toolchain ELiTo integrates software and tools for the development of Linux environments that are tailored to the needs of embedded systems.

ELiTo is a SIGMA-owned Open Embedded / Yocto distribution.

The Embedded Linux Toolchain ELiTo supports the kernel-side driver development as well as the management of the installed libraries and applications. ELiTo Embedded Linux Toolchain is based on OpenEmbedded.

Supported boards

A large number of current platforms of various suppliers are supported, for example from the companies Phytec, Keith and Koep, TQ-Systems, Toradex and others. For further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support packages

We offer support packages for ELiTo and Embedded Linux.The offer is exclusively for companys or business customers. Here you will find the support packages for ELiTo.