Embedded solutions

From the idea to the finished product

We accompany you independently and personally from the first idea to the conception of your solutions, the development of special software and hardware up to the testing of your finished product. We focus on the development of fast, flexible and economical solutions for your individual software and / or hardware, regardless of whether it is a hardware platform of our long-term partners or your individual one. We are also happy to provide you with individual training and consulting services.

Individual services for individual needs

No matter whether you want to integrate an embedded operating system, need a driver, middleware or applications - we plan and develop the necessary software for your embedded solution.

  • Developing solutions for special hardware and / or software that is small, fast, flexible, scalable and economical
  • Regardless of whether it is a special hardware platform of our partners or your own development
  • independent and individual consulting
  • System integration, driver, middleware and application development under WindowsCE up to 6.0 RC3, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows ® Embedded Compact 2013
  • System integration, driver, middleware and application development under Embedded Linux ( on request kernel up to 5.x )
  • System integration, driver, middleware and application development under Android ™
  • Work with Freescale / NXP processors such as Freescale NXP i.MX27, Freescale NXP i.MX28, Freescale NXP i.MX31, Freescale NXP i.MX35, Freescale NXP i.MX53,  Freescale NXP i.MX6, NXP i.MX7 and NXP i.MX8
  • Work with Texas Instruments processors e.g. Texas Instruments AM335x, Texas Instruments OMAP 3 and Texas Instruments OMAP 4
  • Work with Intel processors e.g. Intel PXA 255, Intel PXA 270 or Intel IXP 425
  • Work with processors from Marvell ® e.g. Marvell ® PXA168 ASPEN and Marvell PXA 320
  • Working with processors from ATMEL e.g. ATMEL AT91SAM9261
  • Working with Cirrus Logic processors e.g. Cirrus Logic EP 9312
  • Work with processors from Techwell e.g. Techwell TW9910
  • Work with processors from NXP e.g. NXP PNX 8550
  • Work with various platforms of our partners: Phytec, Keith & Koep, TQ Systems and Toradex Colibri
  • Camera drivers and optimized drivers for video display
  • Hardware-related program performance
  • Targeted optimization of drivers and application development from one source
  • Java
  • Chip card application
  • Cryptography



  • consulting
  • Design and implementation of hardware components including WindowsCE platforms
  • Development of special telephones
  • Cryptography
  • Preparation, organization and testing of electronic devices
  • Module and integration test
  • Black Box Test
  • System test
  • Field test