Embedded solutions

Information about NXP i.MX27 / Freescale i.MX27

With the development of the NXP i.MX27 (previously Freescale i.MX27), the developers' needs have been met to the greatest extent for adequate performance and connectivity.

As a derivative of the popular i.MX21 processor and based on the ARM926EJ-S™ core, the NXP i.MX27 processor (previously Freescale i.MX27) is suitable for the development of multimedia applications. The i.MX27 processor has a h.264 D1 hardware codec for high resolution video processing, an Ethernet 10/100 MAC, a sophisticated power management and many other helpful features.

This makes the NXP i.MX27 a great choice for video applications, voice over IP (V2IP) applications, as well as for the development of cordless phones and mobile phones. Further application areas are intelligent remote controllers, point-of-sale terminals and all other wireless applications.

Features of the NXP i.MX27 / Freescale i.MX27

CPU Complex

  • ARM926EJ-S 400 MHz core
  • 16 KB L1 I-Cache and D-Cache
  • 16-channel DMA
  • ETM realtime debug
  • Smart speed switch

External Memory Interface (EMI)

  • SDRAM 16/32-bit, 133 MHz
  • Mobile DDR 16/32-bit, 266 MHz
  • NAND flash 8/16-bit


  • MPEG-4 H.263/H.264 D1 HW codec
  • Pre- and post-processing
  • High-speed CMOS sensor interface


  • 10 and 100 Mbps Ethernet/IEEE802.3MAC
  • USB OTG high speed, host x 2
  • 3 x MMC/SD, memory stick-pro
  • ATA-6 (HDD) interface
  • Audio MUX
  • IrDA, keypad, 1-wire
  • Configurable SPI x 3, SSI/I2S x 2, UART x 6