Embedded solutions

Embedded Linux

In the range of Embedded Linux we create Open Embedded Yocto based Board Support Package ( BSP ) for standard platforms or your individual platform. This includes development, adaptation and modification of Linux kernels ( especially kernel 3, 4 and 5 ) and drivers as well as related components such as bootloaders and device trees. We also create system-oriented, suitable applications and tools.

Our experience with Embedded Linux

For the system integration of embedded Linux we have experience with ARM processors such as Freescale i.MX6, NXP i.MX7 and NXP i.MX8, Sitara TI AM335x, Marvell PXA168 and BananaPI.

We offer profound knowledge in the area of Embedded Linux in the development of drivers for cameras such as Aptina AP0100 ISP with the CMOS sensor AR013, Photonfocus D1312, FLIR Tau2, Sony FCB-MA130, MT9M021, the Phytec cameras VM050, VM016 with AR0144 CMOS sensor, VM012, VM011, VM010, VM008 as well as pure CMOS sensors such as AR0531 for the SoCs iMX6 and iMX8, amongst others.