AutoID / RFID applications for supply chain

Ensuring the correct sequence on JIS requests

Just-In-Sequence (JIS) calls are linked to the goods to be produced or to be picked. A check and assurance of the correct sequence as well as the correct processing are carried out. Machine programs can be loaded automatically.

In the case of sequence breaks, mishandling or mismatching etc., this is signaled to the operator. If sequence breaks are requested intentionally, this information is carried in the further production steps up to the goods issue. Thus, the correct sequence is retained. At the goods issue the final check of the sequence takes place.

Ensuring the correct sequence

  1. In the case of a JIS call, products are identified with a unique RFID tag, which enables the subsequent sequencing to be read and tracked.
  2. All production steps are followed by permanent monitoring using the AutoID middleware GRAIDWARE®. Sequencing is carried out.
  3. When products are taken out, for example, for QS testing, these products are recorded and taken into account.
  4. When stored in JIS transport containers, the storage position is monitored by sequencing. The sequence-specific storage is thus ensured. If there is a risk of faulty storage, this is signaled and prevented.
  5. At the dispatch gate the goods issue is booked and a shipping notification is issued. The data can be continued across the entire supply chain.

Ensuring the correct JIS sequence beyond factory borders

At the goods issue the final check of the sequence takes place. Testing and ensuring compliance with the correct production sequence can also be carried out in several factories beyond factory limits.