Storage cell detection in block storage area by means of floor transponders

In storage cell detection performed in the block storage area by means of floor trans-ponders, predefined storage areas are sub-ject to automated detection with the help of transponders placed on or in the floor. The fork height of a fork lift truck (FLT) can be detected by means of a sensor affixed to the FLT.

Potentials of the RFID application

  • Enables efficient use of dynamic stockkeeping
  • Increase in process reliability
  • Avoids errors that could result from scanning the wrong storage cell
  • Increased level of automation due to automated scanning of the loading and the storage cells
  • Reduction of idle time, such as for manual scanning or regular getting in/getting out of the FLT to record loading goods and storage cells
  • Avoids search time
  • Automated and continuous stocktaking in the represented warehouse range