The AutoID / RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS is a software solution for tracking semi-finished products in manufacturing and assembly. It takes care of process control as well as workplace and product-specific information provision. In addition, the system automatically distributes the material list for each product to the corresponding workstations. The order processing is carried out in lot size 1.

Application areas of the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS

The RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS is a software that automatically identifies and tracks semi-finished products in the manufacturing and assembly process in small and medium-sized companies. In addition to window and door construction, the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE LOS can be used in all industries with complex manufacturing processes, where products with a high number of variants are produced in small quantities up to lot size 1.

Reference video: VELUX uses the RFID solution from SIGMA

Or read the article in the professional magazine RFID im Blick about our RFID middleware / AutoID solution at VELUX.

RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE LOS - the innovation

  • no manual identification ( for example, by scanning )
  • complex interpretation of the multisensory process participants
  • digitalization of all information ( working papers, documents )
  • process-related display - realizable even with the demanding production method lot size 1

Processes that can be mapped by GRAIDWARE LOS

  • paperless production ( digitalization of production control and documentation )
  • identification without visual contact ( UHF RFID )
  • use in multi-sensor production networks ( Buzzer, RFID, SPS [ OPC UA ], Pick by Light, ... )
  • marking at individual component level

The inspection and tracking of the process is carried out via sensor technology such as light scanners, communication with a PLC ( via OPC UA ), data exchange with a Pick by Light system and finally also the RFID identification points.