AutoID / RFID Solutions

Detect, identify, control

We support you in automatic identification of your objects no matter whether they are single, in containers or on pallets. Our solutions include various Auto ID systems such as RFID, localization and voice recognition for production, logistics and supply chain.

Our customers appreciate us as a competent, innovative partner, who accompanies them from the first problem analysis to the final goal.

Examples for applications and solutions

In production, we can identify components using RFID transponders before assembly and then document individual assembly steps. By means of internal tracking, we optimise your production processes. Continuous order tracking also ensures greater stock reliability.

By means of indoor localisation, your items can be recognised and identified within a block storage or high-bay warehouse within a plant. By means of an RTLS system, real-time localisation can also be carried out via localisation. Many years of project experience of our employees form the foundation for effective Auto ID and RFID solutions for production, supply chain, warehouse and logistics:

UHF RFID technology enables seed producer KWS to fully automate the identification of its seed sacks by means of an RFID transponder, thus making the European-wide supply chain more transparent. The central data storage via middleware Graidware forms the basis for comprehensive reporting. >> reference report

The electronic planning board developed by SIGMA is a visualization for upcoming orders in production with the individual setting of time intervals. It shows the production manager the production orders or batches ( paperless production ) planned for selected machines or lines. The production progress is monitored on the basis of the information recorded in BDE / MES. >> reference report

The RFID solution is used at SOEX's used clothing sorting plant for the identification and transport control of hanging trolleys. The trolleys are identified with RFID transponders and unique ID. At reading points the trolleys can be identified and tracked from each side. The Auto ID middleware GRAIDWARE takes over the identification and plausibility check of the signals and delivers the result to the trolley control.
>> reference report

UHF RFID technology enables automated production and logistics control. Data from individual production steps are stored in the AutoID middleware GRAIDWARE. This enables real-time monitoring of production status and complete traceability of all parts.
>> reference report

Machines can be connected and controlled with the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE via OPC standard. Machine connection allows for example the automatic loading of machine programs when inserting identifiable products. The correct machine program is selected and executed by an RFID supported identification of the workpiece.

In our automatic colour recognition system, surface colours are recognised by means of a camera system. The camera system can be guided to the product or the product to be inspected can be placed on the camera system. By means of RFID colour recognition a clear component identification is possible.

In cooperation with ZIGPOS we offer a solution for indoor localisation based on RTLS technology within our RFID applications. The applied badges ( e-Paper Displays ) are used to visualise process information, such as container contents, destinations, article information etc. at the marked objects. Their position change leads to bookings in the ERP system ( SAP Business One ).

With our UHF and HF RFID application to control flow of goods on RFID / Auto ID basis, goods or goods carriers can be traced on automatic conveyors, lifts, conveyor belts, etc. Flow of goods is controlled according to configurable rules. For example, goods can be directed to specific positions or machines on a conveyor line.

Your product is electronically registered in the production process by means of RFID tracking ( RFID transponder ), thus ensuring traceability throughout the entire production process. Specific data is carried along through the entire production process and is available at every workstation. Depending on the production step, the electronic supporting file can be extended by process step specific information.

The automated position detection allows the tracking of objects marked with RFID transponders on an automated or manually guided transport rack or a painting skid. Products on a production rack ( skid ) are identified by means of this RFID transponder. The GRAIDWARE middleware only handles process-relevant data that is exchanged with third-party applications such as ERP systems, plants ( e.g. B+M ), MES.

During the introduction of a combined RFID & tracking solution ( RTLS ) at Ortrander Eisenhütte GmbH, forklifts were equipped with modern tracking technology. During storage and retrieval in the block storage, the storage location is tracked via RTLS and linked to the product ( container, pallets ). All data are managed in the GRAIDWARE middleware. >> Reference report

For suppliers to major automobile manufacturers, the reliable and fast control of goods in and out is becoming increasingly important. With an RFID gate, quantity of goods can be tracked and booked in fractions of a second.

In RFID picking, the component is identified at the workstation. This can be done automatically with an RFID reader or also with mobile tracking via scanner ( RFID handheld devices, barcode, data matrix or similar ). It is possible to retrieve information and data from third-party business applications ( ERP system ). Can be combined with a Pick-by-Light system.

Our handheld based position detection allows tracking of RFID or barcode marked objects on a transport rack with a mobile handheld system. A typical application scenario is the final release of picked components which are delivered just in sequence.

RFID gates enable automated monitoring of flow of materials and goods within the company and in goods receipt and goods issue. Due to the fully automatic identification, the inventory security is increased. The plausibility check and filtering of the read results at the RFID gate and the data transfer to the ERP system or WMS is carried out by the GRAIDWARE middleware. >> Reference report