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Works by Timo März "Pinselschwinger"

SIGMA exhibits works by the Chemnitz artist Timo März at its company headquarters...

SIGMA exhibits works by the Chemnitz painter Timo März

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The Chemnitz painter Timo März, who also uses the artist name "Pinselschwinger", is showing a total of 22 colourful works in our company. His inspiration is his zest for life. With his works, he wants to encourage people to realise their dreams.

One factor, he tells us, was art. Because Timo März, who lives in a shared apartment, is an enthusiastic hobby painter. Since he started painting in the summer of 2016, he has created around 150 pictures - some of them large-scale acrylic paintings with abstract motifs.

The artist has been in a wheelchair since early childhood. He has given his spasticity, which limits his motor skills, the nickname Fridolin. Fridolin is always there. Like a good old acquaintance who never leaves Timo März's side. There are days when he cuts off my breath just talking to me, on others I could embrace the whole world," says the young artist.

"There's no better way to show off your skills. I've found such a way in the last few years to see my disability as an ability that has paved a way of my life through many paintings in different ways."

He holds the brush himself when he paints - in his left hand, which is definitely tiring, he says. On some days, when motor skills and creativity are right, he manages two paintings a day. Her works have been exhibited five times so far. "Many people don't believe that a person with a handicap can do that," reports the Chemnitz native.

"For me, having the perspective to make decisions independently means happiness and freedom from two different perspectives. For example, to work out everyday situations better and not see them as an insurmountable wall. Also, that people see art without limitations and thus let a little colour flow into their lives."

Without the support of many people, this path would not be possible for him, so he is especially grateful to his everyday assistants and his friends - including an employee of our company. They all contribute significantly to making his life so colourful.

That is why the 28-year-old is involved in the Parents of Children with Cancer Association, which supports children with low life expectancy and their families. Therefore, we have agreed with Timo März that we will donate the proceeds of this exhibition to the association.

In addition, these works or other commissioned works or prints on textiles and other objects are also available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact Timo März by e-mail.