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NIS 2.0 workshop with Sophos: Importance & measures of the new EU directive on IT security in the public sector

What the implementation of the EU NIS 2.0 Directive means for the public sector...

The law to implement EU NIS2 and strengthen cybersecurity, the NIS2UmsuCG, will come into force from October 2024 and significantly expand the existing KRITIS approach.
The number of companies required to implement comprehensive cybersecurity standards will therefore increase from around 2,000 to around 30,000.

Practical insights, legal aspects and expert strategies

This event offers a unique platform to discuss the latest developments in the area of NIS 2.0 & KRITIS regulations, gain practical insights from experts and learn proven strategies for successful implementation in your organisation.


We are delighted to welcome you on 16.05.2024 together with Sophos, the leading provider of IT security solutions, to our event "NIS 2.0 Workshop with Sophos: Importance & Measures of the New EU Directive on IT Security in the Public Sector" at the Conference Centre of the Saxon Economy in Radebeul near Dresden.

If you want to participate just send us an email to valentin.leupert(at)sigma-si.de

Topics of the event

  • Introduction to the NIS 2.0 Directive and the current legal framework
  • Legal perspective and liability issues
  • Identification: In which category are you categorised and what does this mean for you? What content is relevant for you?
  • Technological solutions for implementing the NIS 2.0 Directive and strategies for integration into existing security architectures
  • Development of an efficient and profitable overall strategy to fulfil the new requirements
  • Practical references
  • Discussion rounds and exchange of experiences with other IT security managers

During the event, you will have ample opportunity to exchange ideas with other IT security managers and ask your questions to Sophos PreSales and our certified technicians.

Our workshop will prepare you optimally for the requirements of the NIS 2.0 directive. Register now for the NIS 2.0 workshop and secure your place to benefit from practical insights, expert strategies and legal insights from a lawyer!

NIS 2 UmsuCG identification - overview of a total of approx. 30,000 affected companies

The following industries and sectors are included:

(I) Operators of critical facilities (KRITIS) - approx. 2,000 companies
(threshold-controlled: e.g. >500,000 inhabitants supplied)

  •  Energy supply
  •  Transport & traffic
  •  Finance / Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Drinking water / waste water
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Information Technology / Telecommunications
  • Space
  • Municipal waste disposal

(II) "Very important companies" with >250 employees

  •     ICT services
  • Public administration
  • as well as those mentioned under (I)

(III) "Important companies" with 50-250 employees

  •  Postal & courier services
  • Waste management
  • Chemical substances
  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing industry / production of goods
  • Provider of digital services
  • research
  • and all those listed in (I) and (II)